Review – Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts

Review – Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts

I read about Mizzen+Main a few months back, but it wasn’t until Tim Ferriss gave his backing that I took the plunge and purchased The Blackman 2.0 and the McCoy.

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Spoiler alert – is the best dress shirt I’ve ever owned and it’s not even close.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Tailored for athletic builds
  • Four-way stretch material
  • Made in America

Mizzen+Main is a clothing company that produces innovative menswear. They advertise their shirts as “designed by athletes, for athletes”.


Freedom of Movement

Within seconds of trying this shirt on, I noticed something gamechanging – “I CAN MOVE MY ARMS WITHOUT MESSING UP THE TUCK!”



Guys, you know how annoying this issue can be – wearing a dress shirt but hesitating to lift your arms above 90 degrees for fear of your shirt coming untucked. Mizzen+Main has solved this problem – their stretchable shirts allow you to move your arms through full range of motion with ZERO affect on the tuck of your shirt.

This is huge if your profession involves constant physical movement in professional attire – I’m talking to you, physicians/pharmacists/healthcare professionals.


The Blackman 2.0 fits like a dream. Utilizing Clothes Horse/Fits.Me technology, their website will match you with your perfect fit. All it requires is entering a few basic details, such as your height, weight, and body type.

Those with a more athletic build will really appreciate the way the shirts fit. No more boxy dress shirts built for the fatcats of yesteryear or too-slim shirts that choke you and slowly cut off your ability to breathe. Mizzen+Main shirts are designed with today’s health-conscious young professional in mind.

The tailored fit also eliminates the baggy, ridiculous looking “fluff” that often bunches in the back when tucking a normal dress shirt.


The Blackmon 2.0 is made of _% Nylon, _% Polyester, and 8% Lycra. Yes, the same lycra used in yoga pants has a fantastic use in menswear.

The lightweight, moisture-wicking material means we can FINALLY stop worrying about pit stains. If you don’t sweat much, consider yourself very lucky. Those of us who perspire at the slightest hint of heat or humidity can breathe a sigh of relief – the battle appears to have been won.

I’ve dealt with confidence issues related to sweating since I was 12. EVERY shirt I have owned has, at some point, acquired staining and discoloration in the armpits due to sweating. I’ve tried dozens of deodorants, different undershirts, avoiding hot drinks – name a strategy and I’ve tried it. Nothing works, and it SUCKS walking around well-aware that you look silly because your armpits decided to unleash all those bottled-up smelly yellow feelings at the worst possible time. Mizzen+Main have truly improved the quality of my life in a way no other clothing company has ever come close to.

The unique material also means no drying is required – just wash and hang to dry. These are great shirts for travel because they require zero ironing – toss in your bag and you’re good to go. This is also great for those who hit the gym before work but cannot go back home to shower and get dressed.

Con – Let’s talk price

Yes, Mizzen+Main products are expensive. $125 for a dress shirt is rather steep.

The price tag becomes much easier to absorb when you consider a few factors:

All products are 100% made in America.

Nuff said.

Proceeds benefit Mizzen+Main’s “Shirt for a Start” program.

I’ll quote from their website:

…we believe that we have found a way to bridge the gap between service and the start-up scene. For selected servicemen and women making the transition, we will pay them while they develop entrepreneurial experience, industry connections, and a better understanding. As we grow as a company, we will offer them more than a start. We will offer an opportunity to join us in design, logistics, communications, engineering, and other key departments – on a full-time basis. We will also connect them into our networks for continued career development and networking opportunities

Helping veterans integrate back into civilian life is an AWESOME cause and I’m more than happy to pay a slightly higher price to benefit a company that does not outsource its product and helps veterans find private sector work.

2015-08-14 16.02.03
American Made.

Who would I NOT prescribe Mizzen+Main to?

If you are REALLY cost-conscious and simply not in a position to drop $100+ on a dress shirt, then obviously there are other options elsewhere. But I highly encourage you to consider saving enough funds to splurge here – the manufacturing quality is so high on these, it could be the last dress shirt purchase you ever need to make.


Who would I prescribe Mizzen+Main to?

  • Athletically-built guys looking for a tailored-fit shirt that is actually…ya know, tailored-fit.
  • Anyone tired of pit stains ruining their shirts and their apperance.
  • Any guy looking for quality clothing.
Man tested, dog approved.
Man tested, dog approved.

What do you think? Have you tried a Mizzen+Main product? Talk about your experience in the comments!

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