Three Course Thursday – Shadow Work and Busyness

Three Course Thursday – Shadow Work and Busyness

This post is part of a weekly series called “Three Course Thursday”. Each week, I post links to articles I’ve been digging which focus on improving yourself – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Think of it as a weekly three-course meal for self-improvement.

This week is a bit different. I’m only posting one article, as it hits on a very important topic which deserves undivided attention.

Shadow Work and the Rise of Middle-Class Serfdom” (via addresses the rise of “shadow work”. What is shadow work? “The unpaid tasks we do on behalf of businesses and organizations”, according to Dr. Craig Lambert, who has written a book on the subject: “Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs That Fill Your Day“.

Both Brett’s article and Dr. Lambert’s book discuss why we modern-day humans often feel so busy, overworked, and tired, despite the fact that we’re actually working less hours “on the clock” than our equivalents did a century ago.

I hope this article helps us question the activities that fill our day-to-day lives. Is our attention and focus going toward truly meaningful work, or are we draining our limited cognitive resources on being “busy”?

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